Arcia Tecun

My name is Daniel Hernandez but I publish under my maternal and paternal grandmother’s surnames, Arcia and Tecun. My parents are from Iximulew (Guatemala), and I descend from K‘iche‘, Tz‘utujil, Mam, and Kaqchikel peoples (Mayans). I was born in L.A. and grew up as a Rose Park local in Salt Lake City, Utah on Turtle Island. I currently reside in Aotearoa with my partner who grew up here, along with our four children. I am currently finishing a doctorate degree at the University of Auckland in Anthropology/Ethnomusicology exploring urban Indigenous identities through kava songs and stories. Photo by Todd Henry.

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Thoughts From Within Seven Caves
Read Time: 9 mins
Coming back from death, Arcia Tecun shares his experiences...
Thoughts From Within Seven Caves
By Arcia Tecun