All I Want for Kirihimete is to Support Community-led Initiatives…

Not sure where to spend your pūtea on this giving season? We’ve written up a bucket list of gift ideas that people will be thrilled to receive, that also support your fave local initiatives.

1. People Against Prisons Aotearoa – Bjenny Montero ACAB T-Shirt $28

People Against Prisons Aotearoa do incredible work, and all we really want for Kirihimete is to support them! You can donate to them directly here, or purchase merch through their online store. We love this top designed by Bjenny Montero especially.🧑‍🍳💋

2. Pantograph Punch – Sticker Pack $5

Oh heeyyy it's us! Are you a supporter or do you know someone who is? Buying a sticker pack supports us and means you get to rep arts publishing wherever you go. These glossy and durable stickers are ready to meet your laptops, water bottles, guitar cases etcetera. You can also donate directly and become a Pal! x

Cover art: Ngaumutane Jones/Umu Creative

3. Moana Fresh Calendar 2024 $45

Moana Fresh calendar drops are always the best time, they're such a joyful way of experiencing each new month. Their 2024 calendar features 13 artists: Ngaumutane Jones/Umu Creative, Serene Hodgman, Ani McGuire, Ahsin Ahsin, Cora Allan, Uhila Nai, Amanda Stowers, Monica Paterson, Numa Mackenzie, Alex Tūkariri-Wong, Bai Buliruarua, Peter Wing, and Sean Hill.

You can read more about the kaupapa and whakapapa of Moana Fresh here, in our recent publishing by Ruby Macomber.

4. Action Station – Kaupapa Stickers $25

These stickers are arguably the coolest designs on the block to demonstrate your transformational politics, and Action Station are one of the most important campaigning platforms around in Aotearoa doing huge movement-building mahi. These stickers are sold at Moana Fresh!

5. Pantograph Punch – Pātiki Green Badge $22

We collaborated with artist Turumeke Harrington who designed these immensely cool badges, part of the merch you can buy to support our platform!!! The design is informed by the shape of the pātiki (flounder), representing hope and abundance, as well as the shape of a pantograph, a tool designed to amplify what it traces. They’re EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL and a nod to the hopes and dreams of arts publishing in Aotearoa.

6. Ate Journal of Māori Art Vol 1 - 3, $23 each

ATE Journal of Māori Art is an annual journal with an explicit focus on Māori art, artists and art movements. Co-edited by Matariki Williams and Bridget Reweti, these journals are soooo thoughtful, pretty and significant in their contribution to toi Māori – what a beautiful gift to read and receive.

7. Spoiled Fruit: Queer Poetry from Aotearoa – Āporo Press $30

Queers wya? Get yourself a HANDFUL and more of poetry par excellence by some of Aotearoa’s very best queer writers. Co-edited by Damien Levi and Amber Esau, available in all good bookstores.

You can read an interview with Damien Levi on Pantograph Punch here, thanks to Sherry Zhang.

8. Tautoko Gaza Album, by Aotearoa Artists for Palestine $10+

In November 2023, a group of Aotearoa artists united to release TAUTOKO GAZA, a compilation of new and/or unreleased tracks to stand in solidarity with Gaza and occupied Palestine. Available exclusively as a digital release via Bandcamp, all funds raised from the compilation will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians, an NGO working to support growing critical health needs resulting from Israel's ongoing bombardment and complete siege of Gaza.

9. Awa Wāhine – Whā magazine $30

Our friends at Awa Wahine magazine have just released their latest issue, Whā! Awa Wahine is a journal led by a dynamic rōpu of wāhine Māori who create impactful publishing opportunities for wāhine Māori. In Issue Whā, let Ariana Tikao take you on a journey exploring ‘Te Mana o te Ruahine,’ read new writing by Jessica Hinerangi Thompson-Carr and Emma Hislop, discover the research of Deborah Heke on ‘Embracing Mātauranga Māori in Physical Wellness’, and read up about convos on motherhood with Jazz Barclay.

10. Kauae Raro Kākahu – $30 – $80

New merch designs have just dropped from Kauae Raro Research Collective, a rōpū dedicated to researching and sharing whenua as an art material, a component of ceremony, for personal adornment and as rongoā. Until the end of 2023, 100% of profits from merchandise are going to Doctors Without Borders in support of humanitarian aid needed in Palestine.

11. Pantograph Punch – Postcard Set $18

Our Pantograph Punch postcard sets feature eight beautiful designs and illustrations printed on super thick card, courtesy of SCG Print. Hand-packaged ourselves, with feature designs by Tyrone Ohia, Marc Conaco, Chai HuiYin, Abigail Aroha Jensen, Pelham Dacombe-Bird, Sophie Te Whaiti, Pounamu Wharekawa-Farrell and Anastasia Burn.

12. Marinade Aotearoa Journal of Moana Art Vol I & II $35 each, $60 bundle

Marinade: Aotearoa Journal of Moana Art is an arts journal co-edited by Ioana Gordon-Smith and Lana Lopesi. It is the first Aotearoa journal focused explicitly on Moana arts from Aotearoa, marking the overdue need for more writing on Pacific art. The content is so fascinating, and the books are designed so beautifully. You can buy each issue separately or as a bundle via Moana Fresh.

13. Gloria Books – Past the Tower, Under the Tree $38

Past the Tower, Under the Tree offers a portrait of twelve artists and activists crafting a life in community. From street theatre to rap, from the tattoo hut to the meditation hall, each contributor offers a window into unexpected contexts and rich forms of practice. You can read an excerpt from the pukapuka here on Pantograph, from Mokonui-a-Rangi Smith. 

14. Neither by Liam Jacobson, Dead Bird Books $30

Neither is the latest title out from Dead Bird Books, and the first print collection of poems from Liam Jacobson (Kāi Tahu).

Written among shadows of Tāmaki Makaurau, it honours fog and bus-rides, being broke and public dreams. It’s an intimate attempt to chronicle a long remembering among the city’s blurry romance – you can read a poem from the collection on Pantograph here.

Happy holidays!

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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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