Announcing Subtexts: A short season of events at Q Theatre

Presenting a short season of writerly events

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Following our first event announcement last week, we're delighted to unveil our full programme of events for Subtexts.

Subtexts is a celebration of writers. It also runs alongside three original new plays that are being staged as part of the Q Presents 2015 season - The Deliberate Disappearance of My Friend, Jack HartnettNot Psycho, and All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled ForeverThese are dark plays with troubled protagonists, and we'll be taking the stage to explore similar ideas of fractured truths, unexpected collisions, and untimely ends. 

Our first event invites you to put your lie-detecting skills to the test in an evening of half-truths, tall tales, and hand-to-heart facts.

Hosted by Thomas Sainsbury and featuring Antonia Prebble, Rochelle Bright, Jose Barbosa and Wallace Chapman, we'll be serving up stories that are true, some that are hard to believe, and some that will threaten to slip under your radar.

Tickets are $15 (with an option to add on a donation for our writers) and are available here.

Next up, we're slinging together an unlikely mix of theatre, poetry, comedy, music and prose to form a curated sampler of artistic delights. 

This instalment features poems by Jess Holly Bates and Tourettes, a performance by 2015 Billy T winner Hamish Parkinson, readings by novelist Sue Orr and playwright Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu and Tui-award-winning music by Great North’s Hayden Donnell.

Tickets are $15 and are available here.

Finally: when you're creating something - whether it's a painting, a play, or a song - how do you know when you're done? When is a work ready to meet the world, and when is it time to slay the muse?

Join our panel of artists, musicians and writers – Eli KentChelsea Jade MetcalfCourtney Meredith and Toby Morris - in conversation with Steven Toussaint about beginnings, ends, and when to put the pen down.

Tickets are $15 and are available here.

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