Best Worst Podcast: 2016 NZIFF wrap-up (Pt I)

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With the New Zealand International Film Festival at an end, we dive into the collective consciousness of three minds who've been addled by twenty-four days of mind-bending cinematic ecstasy. Join Doug Dillaman and Jacob Powell –  joined by Metro film writer David Larsen – as they go head-to-head for the Best Worst Podcast wrap-up of the Festival. 

Part one of this two-part wrap-up sees the team go deep on absurdist German socio-political comedy, muse on the glorious strangeness of finding Kristen Stewart in the midst of a fashion-rich French ghost thriller, and extol the joys, drama and enigma of New Zealand cinema on offer this year.

Films mentioned in this podcast:

Happy Hour
The Daughter

A Dragon Arrives!
The Greasy Strangler
Toni Erdmann
Personal Shopper

Poi E: The Story of Our Song
The Rehearsal
On An Unknown Beach
Green Room
A Perfect Day 

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