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There are some great inscriptions at The Book Inscriptions Project:

Jackson likes:
bread—white or brown
apple (peeled)
cucumber (peeled)
hard boiled egg yolk.

Jackson is dead and I
am very sad. Next birthday
I would like two canaries like Jackson ♡

When all else fails
Read the instructions.

For Joe, on Christmas
1978. This is the only
book I know that moves
as incessantly as you…

with affectation,

P.S. I couldn’t find a Star Wars game.

Dearest of all my Cousins:

This is just to fill your
bookshelves, and, if you need to
pass some time away, you may
read it once over lightly—

6 April 1950


Hi, I hope you are hav-
ing fun. I haven’t left me
dads work because my mom
hasn’t picked me up yet so
what ya doin. I want you
to met my dad sometime.
In this book I didn’t
mean you were a dog so
don’t think I did. If Wendy
see this book I gave to you
she will be mad so don’t
show it to her. I am
eating corn nuts.

STACY, I want you to do
me another favor.

J.R. You Were either an
ignoramus or a lying

That it is incroyable is exactly
the point.

To Stan.

I cannot allow other common
friendships to be placed in the same line
with ours. I have as much knowledge of
them as another and of the most perfect
of their kind, but I should not advise any-
one to measure them with the same rule;
he would be much mistaken. In those other
friendships one has to walk with one’s
bridle in one’s hand, prudently and
cautiously: the knot is not tied so tightly
but that it will cause some misgiving —
— But in the other kind where we
exhibit the very depths of our heart and
make no reservations, truly all the springs
of action must be perfectly ‘clear and true’.”

from Dicky, APRIL ‘45.

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