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Who gets to be considered an artist?


Can the ruptures to whakapapa be healed through the weaving of nets?


We take a moment to thank the handmade objects that brought us joy while stuck at home.


Lucinda Bennett talks to the artist about craft, storytelling and finding his clay.


Every textile tells a story, and the embroidered cloths in Bildungsroman reframe queer and Parsi history.


Leaving Traces: A Review of The Room

Linda Tyler looks for traces of habitation in The Room, an ambitious exhibition that brings together craft, design and architecture, and asks: who might live here?


Lana Lopesi explores the reawakened practices in Te Uru Waitākere’s ʻnames held in our mouths’.


The Future of Craft in Aotearoa

Lana Lopesi in conversation with Kolokesa U Māhina-Tuai, Karl Chitham and Anna Miles about the possibilities of a fresh approach to the word and the idea of ‘craft’.


Future Histories: A Review of Ā Mua

Ioana Gordon-Smith considers Ā Mua, on now at The Dowse, as the next chapter for Aotearoa craft makers.


Thomasin Sleigh surveys contemporary New Zealand artists pushing the boundaries of embroidery – a medium that traverses craft and contemporary art contexts.


About Time: A Review of Leading Ladies

Why has it taken so long to exhibit these women?


Victoria Wynne-Jones ruminates on the fruitful intertwinings of neck adornment and contemporary art through the practices of Sione Monū, Renee Bevan and Lisa Walker.


A Hole in the Pocket

Bridget Reweti on the reciprocity that sits at the heart of uku practice in Aotearoa


Peter Hawkesby: Dance Moves at the Clay Table

Elle Loui August on the artists' triumphant return to the kiln


Art’s Afterlives: Jewellery at Home

The National’s ‘What I’m Wearing’ Instagram series reveals the intimate way that contemporary jewellery develops meaning long after leaving the gallery.


The Myth and its Maker: Laurie Steer

Orissa Keane talks to the self-proclaimed Best Potter in the World


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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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