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Van 梅 (they/them) is an arts polymath, Libra with fire placements and the current Kaitohu of The Pantograph Punch. Since graduating from AUT with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2017, they have worked across the sector as a poet, performer, artist, sports commentator and freelancer for anyone that paid her (and a few that didn't). Previous roles include producing, curating, writing and comms management for the likes of Basement Theatre, Window Gallery, and at Pantograph! Most recently they were the Director of Enjoy Contemporary Art Space 2020 – 2022. They are interested in relational approaches to wellbeing, Queer theory, anime and arts publishing. Their debut collection of poetry can be found in AUP New Poets 6, published by Auckland University Press.

Everything By: Van Mei


In Which I Try to Avoid the Subject

Vanessa Mei writes on violence and vantage points as an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.


An End-of-Year Letter from the Kaitohu. Wtf was this year, what are Pantograph up to next, and how you can support our vision of placing people at the heart of our decisions.


Letter to my Unfinished Manuscript

Vanessa Mei Crofskey writes a letter to their unwritten manuscript, and dwells on the way Western notions of time, plus the pandemic, have affected their relationship to productivity and success.


We Give Eternal Thanks to Bush

The Pantograph Punch team humbly acknowledges all that photosynthesising green beings do for us and our ora.


The best art on show in the dealer galleries of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland in October 2020.


Always Becominging’s debut poetry book plays with profundity and deceit. Van Mei reviews.


To Tell You the Truth

Can you ever truly move away from an artform that helped shape you? What about when you’re forced to? Van Mei grapples with the struggle of separating an art form from its community.


What’s Hot? Our Spring Picks

August & September highlights across visual arts, books, music and fashion, from the Pantograph Punch team of writers and editors.


Vanessa Crofskey thought of glass art as embarrassing kitsch paperweights sold in gift shops. Until she watched the hot new glass-blowing show on Netflix.


Pales in Comparison: A Review of Art Shorts

Where do art films fit into a film festival? Vanessa Crofskey reviews Art Shorts at the NZIFF and is left confused by curatorial decisions.


The Pantograph Picks: NZIFF 2020

Our top picks from this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival programme, At Home – Online.


The Unmissables: Three Artworks to See in July

The best art on show in the dealer galleries of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland in July 2020.


Black Authors: A Reading List

10 books we love by Black authors.


The Unmissables: Three Artworks to See in May

The best art on show in the dealer galleries of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, and online, in May 2020.


We take a moment to thank the handmade objects that brought us joy while stuck at home.


Home Cooking

Food can transport us elsewhere, or bring us closer to home. Cooks Ruby White and Laura Vincent are invited to write about a dish they've made during lockdown.


You Treat Us Like We're The Virus

Racism sucks. Vanessa Crofskey writes about the hurt her and her peers feel as Chinese people during Covid-19.


Making Art With Strangers

Van Mei talks with Alice Canton about Year of the Tiger and why the stories of ordinary strangers are more compelling than ever.


Top personally-attempted tips on getting through the holiday season.


Van Mei speaks with Chen Chen about language, permission and what it means to be as fearless as a mango.


The best film of the season might be one that’s not even in the NZIFF. What makes a horror comedy spectacular enough to win big internationally? Van Mei reviews.


There's Something Wrong With Art Writing

Loose Canons02.06.19

Loose Canons: Vanessa Crofskey

Loose Canons is a series in which we invite artists we love to share five things that have informed their work. Vanessa Crofskey is a writer and artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau.


Picking at the Surface

Van Mei on compulsive grooming, beauty and survival.


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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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