What if Pākehā were subjected to the same colonisation as Māori? Matariki Williams travels into the sci-fi world of 'Turncoat' - where an all-too-familiar narrative of colonisation plays out amongst aliens and humans.

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What if Pākehā were subjected to the same colonisation as Māori? Matariki Williams travels into the sci-fi world of 'Turncoat' - where an all-too-familiar narrative of colonisation plays out amongst aliens and humans.


Scenes from a Night at the Opera: A Poem Cycle

A series of small intimate vignettes between young lovers over the course of one night. Cadence Chung poses the question: How much of ourselves do we give away in love, and how much do we keep?


(Almost) Every Poet I Have Ever Loved II

In Part I, Jessica Lim discusses the work of five poets who have served as her personal roadmap to poetry. Part II completes her ode to the archive considering the work of four more poets she loves, and one dead guy.


Juicy Spoiled Fruit!

The debut poetry anthology from the newest and naughtiest micro press out there, Āporo Press. Damien Levi, one of the co-editors of the collection with Amber Esau, shares his dreams for queer and takatāpui publishing in Aotearoa.


An excerpt from Liam Jacobson's debut collection of poems Neither, published by Dead Bird Books.


Jennifer Onyeiwu writes about Black to the Future, a zine from Black Creatives Aotearoa that celebrates Black joy and excellence.


(Almost) Every Poet I Have Ever Loved I

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Jessica Lim revists the Pantograph Punch archive. Here she shares five poets who’ve served as her personal roadmap in understanding the art.


Queer Magic and Queerevolutions

samesame but different is one of the most exciting Queer literary festivals out there! Naomii Seah reflects on the festival’s beginnings as she attends its diverse spread of offerings as part of Auckland Pride.


Between Dreaming and Living

Mununjali poet Ellen van Neerven responds to Montreal-based artist Vikky Alexander's surreal photographic series, currently showing for the first time in Tāmaki Makaurau this week.


Raumati Reading Roundup

Need an extra boost to finish your summer reading goals? Jordan, who runs the much-loved Instagram page Māori Lit Blog, offers the perfect books to round off raumati.


Imagine a Bookcase, Full of Moana Writers

Ahead of the inaugural Flying Fetu festival, Tulia Thompson interviews Co-Directors Grace Teuila Iwashita-Taylor and Lana Lopesi on creating dedicated space for Moana writing.


For Tamara Tulitua, soft is the new strong. Through 7 new poems, she asks our Moana sisters, how are you going? like, really?


PP Picks for the Flying Fetu Festival

Our top picks of what to see at this year’s Flying Fetu Festival!


Frances Revita enthusiastically reviews the debut collection of short stories by Monica Macansantos.


HEAL-ing: A Response to Simone Kaho’s HEAL!

Simone Kaho's second poetry book, HEAL!, is raw, unrelenting and visceral - in navigating trauma, the patriarchy and toxic masculinity as a Tongan-Pākehā survivor. Kahu Tumai responds.


three histories

Romantic love can be a difficult subject to broach. Three new poems by Cadence Chung explore the most common yet ever-elusive subject of poetry, representing "an amalgamation of crushes, an invisible girl to address my desire to."


Māori Legends – Aroha Mō Ngā Pukapuka

Aroha Novak on Te Reo Māori picture books, and the Aroha and Awhi you find there.


The Golden Age of Online Poetry

Ash Davida Jane reminisces on the glory days of Tumblr for discovering writing.


Chris Tse is the New Poet Laureate

The Pantograph Punch chats to Chris Tse, the newest New Zealand Poet Laureate on his next moves.


Letter to my Unfinished Manuscript

Vanessa Mei Crofskey writes a letter to their unwritten manuscript, and dwells on the way Western notions of time, plus the pandemic, have affected their relationship to productivity and success.


The Last Sober Driver

Mohamed Hassan on creating our own spaces, and the beauty of inviting people in. An extract from his new book: How To Be a Bad Muslim.


The Eyes of the Atua

Literary Festival Programmer Claire Mabey on the transformation of children's book publishing in Aotearoa and, for Pākehā like her, its effect on the landscape of the mind.


Power of the Story: A Review of Kurangaituku

Whiti Hereaka’s new novel, Kurangaituku, takes the pūrākau of Hatupatu and the Bird Woman apart like an old dogskin cloak, cutting it into patterns and shapes never seen before. Ariana Tikao reviews.


Faith Wilson was so touched reading Filemu zine she had a tagi. So she spoke with the creators, a Pacific couple shining light on their experiences of love.


The Rules of Fire, and Yelling about Tropes

A selection of fiery poems from Ana McAllister.


An Ode to Our Teenage Selves

Sāmoan woman writers and friends Lana Lopesi (Satapuala, Siumu) and Faith Wilson (Vaimoso, Siumu) chat about their new projects and the opportunities and challenges facing Pasifika writers today.


Defining a Community

A sprawling survey of our Takatāpui and LGBTQIA+ writers, Out Here: An Anthology of Takatāpui and LGBTQIA+ Writers from Aotearoa is a core text in representing the queer experience.


From One Bloody Woman to Another

Leafā Wilson, Tusiata Avia and Pelenakeke Brown speak to Bloody Woman by Lana Lopesi.


A novel about a mountain biking coeliac witch, her relationship with her familiar – oh, and a sexy baker. Cassie Hart reviews.


Gritty K' Road: A Review of Isobar Precinct

Amidst chaos and murder, Angelique Kasmara’s debut novel is set in a vividly drawn Tāmaki Makaurau.


5 reasons why Nostalgia Has Ruined My Life is Faith Wilson’s funniest book of all time.


Twelve Kuki Airani writers of Te Kinakina, all women raised in Tokoroa, reveal how their people have expanded the Cook Islands Universe.


Tihema Baker finds a rural Taranaki underworld of lore and gore in Cassie Hart’s first traditionally published novel.


Stifling Silence: A review of Bird Collector

essa may ranapiri on Bird Collector, a poetry collection that liberates form and painfully evokes the silencing of Aotearoa’s forests.


Look up and See Rangikura, the Red Sky

Ana McAllister reviews Tayi Tibble’s second book, Rangikura. And it's lessons on being a spiritual Māori angel and a horny baddie.


This is a book that loves people. Messy, self-sabotaging, relatable people. Becky Manawatu delves into this debut novel by Rebecca K Reilly, centred around an eccentric pair of siblings living in Tāmaki Makaurau.


Read with us! Join Book Coven

We’re teaming up with our friends at Verb Readers & Writers Wellington to bring you Book Coven, a book club straight to your mailbox.


As one of the first national celebrations of Asian writers, Naomii Seah reflects on the anthology filled with the taste of home, memory and a renewed refusal to remain silent.


Ana McAllister and Ataria Sharman review the Auckland Writers Festival, what they loved, and what they didn’t.


The Pantograph Punch team brings you our top picks from this year's Auckland Writers Festival programme.


A Scene Is Only As Good As You Make It

A roundtable discussion on small press publishing in Aotearoa.


Areez Katki’s Reading List

A peek behind the muslin at the texts instrumental to the artist's practice.


What a Secret Alien Invasion Taught Me

Laura Toailoa shares lessons learnt from Animorphs, the 90s children’s book series, in the most mentally challenging year of her life.


Urban Foraging

Joy Holley's winning entry in the Peter Wells Writing Contest, a part of samesame but different.


Pillow Talk

Sleeping in the bed of Aotearoa literati: Lana Lopesi on the pressure of writers’ residencies and their legacies.


On country, memory and finding respite in National Anthem.


Hi Honey

Isabelle McNeur's winning entry in the Peter Wells Writing Contest, a part of samesame but different.


Tensions ignited between Māori and universities in 2020, and from this emerged Ngā Kete Mātauranga, a collection of the personal journeys of 24 Māori scholars. Dr Tara McAllister reflects.


Dr Benjamin Pittman on the richness of the life of Ralph Hotere.


Lost In The Darkness

An extract from Vincent O'Sullivan's biographical portrait of Ralph Hotere, The Dark Is Light Enough.


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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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