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For Tamara Tulitua, soft is the new strong. Through 7 new poems, she asks our Moana sisters, how are you going? like, really?


Announcing Issue 07: Aroha

Guest Editor Natasha Matila-Smith introduces Pantograph's latest issue with an editorial on the value which underpins it all: Aroha.


Māori Legends – Aroha Mō Ngā Pukapuka

Aroha Novak on Te Reo Māori picture books, and the Aroha and Awhi you find there.


three histories

Romantic love can be a difficult subject to broach. Three new poems by Cadence Chung explore the most common yet ever-elusive subject of poetry, representing "an amalgamation of crushes, an invisible girl to address my desire to."


Alternative Routes to Love

Janaye Kirtikar reflects on the heteropatriarchal blue prints of love handed down to her, and asks, is this enough for me?


HEAL-ing: A Response to Simone Kaho’s HEAL!

Simone Kaho's second poetry book, HEAL!, is raw, unrelenting and visceral - in navigating trauma, the patriarchy and toxic masculinity as a Tongan-Pākehā survivor. Kahu Tumai responds.


Aroha Soundtrack: Love/Desire

Interdisciplinary artist Selina Ershadi has made a curated playlist for Issue 07: Aroha. Fall in love.


Horror and Hagsploitation

Rachel Barker reviews X, a squeal-inducing slasher filmed in Aotearoa, and what it has to say about our fears of elderly bodies.


Frances Revita enthusiastically reviews the debut collection of short stories by Monica Macansantos.


How Deeply Māori Love

Te Aniwaniwa Paterson unpacks what it means to decolonise her emotions and love deeply - just like Ranginui and Papatūānuku.


Julia Craig suggests ways to engage in the politics of love despite the high-octane world of social media and it's damning irl consequences.


A Better View

Through the act of temporary voluntary celibacy, Jo Bragg gains some personal clarity on the meaning of love.


Aroha for the Glacier

Haupapa: The Chilled Breath of Rakamaomao combines pūtaiao, art and storytelling to draw urgent attention to the global climate emergency and our duty of care for Te Taiao.


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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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