Filling an Empty Room

Ōtepoti writer and poet Eliana Gray reflects on the city’s DIY music and arts scene – how it came together, how it fell apart, and the places and people left behind in its wake.

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Filling an Empty Room

Ōtepoti writer and poet Eliana Gray reflects on the city’s DIY music and arts scene – how it came together, how it fell apart, and the places and people left behind in its wake.

Loose Canons30.08.23

Loose Canons: Jujulipps

Loose Canons is a series in which we invite artists we love to share five things that have informed their work. Jujulipps, a Tāmaki Makaurau-based artist drawing energy from hip-hop and afrobeat, shares five things that inspire her.


Reflections of a Lover

V-Day themed playlist! Danya Yang reflects on the love we receive, and the love we give.


It's All About the Drama, Really

Mya Morrison-Middleton in conversation with Fully Explicit founder Creamy Mami, who took DJing and partying out of the boys’ club by catering to the freaks.


Aroha Soundtrack: Love/Desire

Interdisciplinary artist Selina Ershadi has made a curated playlist for Issue 07: Aroha. Fall in love.



Claire Mabey reflects on the legacy of the Spice Girls, and the female ghosts in her family.


Vibe Shift Soundtrack

DJ and Musician Brown Boy Magik's curated playlist for Issue 6: Vibe shift. It kinda goes HARD.


Hybrid Rose’s Hyperpop Fantasy

Madeleine Crutchley interviews Te Whanganui-a-Tara based musician, Hybrid Rose, on her latest album, and the pop songs and divas that have influenced the hot new sound of HyperKunt.


Ranking the Songs of Native Manu

The definitive ranking absolutely no one asked for: calls of ngā manu from worst to best, by novice tramper Rachel Trow.


FILTH Is for the Future Not the Ego

Shaquille Wasasala, one half of the mastermind duo behind FILTH, is shaping the landscape of club nights for Queer POC in Aotearoa and beyond. Their sister Kitty Wasasala sits down with them to discuss what sets FILTH apart, and where they’re headed next in their upcoming live event.


Good Things Take Time

Erny Belle’s debut album Venus Is Home is worth the wait, says Leonard Powell.


Makanaka Tuwe claims the narratives, traditions and cultures of musicians of African descent in Aotearoa as the centre.


Brown Noise

Ankita Singh and Naomi Simon-Kumar chat with South Asian and West Asian Kiwi musicians you should be listening to, about their craft, advice they have for other artists and what’s on their playlist.


Dear Lorde, it’s Not Me, it’s You

Rachel Trow grapples with the realisation she’s been ignoring parts of herself to enjoy Lorde as an artist – and she can no longer escape herself.


LB is Making Hip-Hop for the Suburbs

Han Li on how Sāmoan hip-hop artist and Elam School of Fine Arts graduate Albert Folasa-Sua – aka LB – found his voice and learned to embrace obscurity.


Astronesian Futurisms

Kahu Kutia in wānanga with Nahbo on their debut album Ruptured, the newest drop from Empty Goon Records.


Panther Cubs, the ‘OGs’ and a new wave of Aotearoa music talent collide in this soundtrack that transports across genre, generation and the Pasifika community’s solidarity.


Karen Hu and Sherry Zhang chat with Kiwi-Asian musicians on culture, identity and how we can have more diversity and inclusion in the Aotearoa music industry.


Matariki Playlist

We’ve scoured the soundwaves to curate this must-listen Matariki music playlist – just for you.


Artist and producer Mazbou Q has been on a roll this year, releasing new tracks every fortnight. Makanaka Tuwe sits down with him to speak about Black New Zealand identity and the power of dreams.


My Taonga

Ana McAllister calls to the taonga pūoro in her collection.


The Music That Flows

Te Awakairangi has a growing and influential music scene. So why are these artists not recognised in their own right? Jessie Moss on why recognition for musicians in the Hutt Valley is long overdue.


Hine Pū Te Hue: Wāhine of Taonga Pūoro

Ruby Solly sits with wāhine players of taonga pūoro, across generations, and recalls a history of healing and revival.


Aural Fixation: In Praise of Radio Plays

The radio play is an unfairly neglected and under-appreciated artform; now is the time for its revival, argues Nathan Joe.


"The deeper you go into your whakapapa, the easier it is to connect with all things” – musician Ruby Solly in conversation with Kahu Kutia, on the release of Ruby's album Pōneke.


What are the peaches, really? Claire Mabey tries to get to the bottom of Aldous Harding’s songs, starting with ‘The Barrel’.


Jazz musician Umar Zakaria is glad RNZ Concert isn’t done for because it was never ‘done’ – it’s an unfinished project.


Pantograph Picks for Auckland Fringe 2020

Helping you find the gems in Auckland Fringe Festival 2020


It Came From The Attic

Daniel Blackball, co-founder of the recently-closed Dunedin label/studio/DIY venue The Attic, reminisces about a scene that didn't give two shits about the 'new Dunedin Sound', let alone whether it was part of it.


Self serving myths and nationalism, Dan Kelly considers Zealandia.


Jackson Nieuwland talks to Dominic Hoey about his debut novel, Iceland.


Go Well, Celia

Hannah Herchenbach remembers King Loser founder Celia Mancini.


Duncan Allan assesses the value of the music behind some of the worst movements in the world.


After Mason: Memories of The Beggar

Simon Comber writes about the ups and downs of the creative process, the paradox of hope, and how poets RAK Mason and Robin Hyde helped inspire his new album.


Campbell Walker on Simon Ogston's Bill Direen documentary, and his own experience with the musician.


What Would Jack Do?: A Review of "Passio"

Alex Taylor finds an exquisite corpse exhumed.


We premiere The Map Room's video for 'Hold Me Up To The Sun' - from their new album, Weatherless, and musician Simon Gooding reflects on breaking out of old patterns.


Mine by Right: Copyright in Aotearoa

In a knowledgeable essay, Elizabeth Heritage explores the copyright decisions you make every day, and tackles the difficult issues of digital entitlement, monetisation and worth.


Blenheimer Rhapsody

Mark Mullen describes growing up in the Blenheim of the late 70s and early 80s, and how the music of Queen taught him to look back without regret, even while reaching forwards.


With their first single in six years, post-punkers Cut Off Your Hands offer a fierce critique of Auckland’s housing bubble.


Between The Lines: People Like Us

Adam McGrath on his song 'People Like Us', a childhood friend and a chance encounter.


A Vivid Alliance: Ghost Wave’s Radio Norfolk


Between the Lines: Stuck in Melodies

Andrew Keoghan on writing his song, 'Stuck in Melodies', from his new album Every Orchid Offering.


Between the Lines: Axolotl

The Veils' Finn Andrews on the inspiration behind the band's new song


Review: The Magic Flute

New Zealand Opera's production of 'The Magic Flute' whitewashes most of the show's problematic aspects, giving us a production that's awkwardly blind to 21st-century concerns, writes Alex Taylor.


What's The Frequency, Steven?

Sam McChesney on how a politician built a radio empire


David Farrier tracks down the man behind some of the most iconic music videos for Nine Inch Nails and DC Talk, and finds him... in Tauranga.


First Watch: Lawrence Arabia's 'A Lake'

We premiere the new video for 'A Lake', the first single from Lawrence Arabia's forthcoming album, 'Absolute Truth'.



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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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