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Ataria Rangipikitia Sharman (Tapuika, Ngāpuhi) is a writer of essays, poetry and articles. She was the Editor – Kaupapa Māori, and Editor at The Pantograph Punch from 2019 – 2022. Ataria has a Master of Arts in Māori Studies and spent a year researching mana wahine and atua wāhine as well as interviewing Māori women about their experiences with atua wāhine. The manuscript for her children's fiction novel Hine and the Tohunga Portal was one of five selected for Te Papa Tupu in 2018, and has now been published with Huia Publishers. She has self-published a collection of writings by wāhine Māori on the atua wāhine. Ataria is the creator of Awa Wahine.

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A year ago, Ataria Sharman, Editor of The Pantograph Punch, dreamed of the art and culture journal being sexier. In her final issue, she reflects on this and welcomes new growth.


Off the Beaten Track: Chevron Hassett

Editor Ataria Sharman with Chevron Hassett on taking the time for self-care and refining his art practice.


We Give Eternal Thanks to Bush

The Pantograph Punch team humbly acknowledges all that photosynthesising green beings do for us and our ora.


Heat Wave

Our first issue of 2022 considers the friction of opposites; hot, fiery, bombastic or sultry, introspective. The oxymoronic climate event that is the heat wave.


Staring Down the Barrel of the Camera

Power lies in sovereign expression of sexuality. Ana McAllister and the Pantograph Punch team on thirst-trap photography.


Off the Beaten Track with Hamish Petersen

Editor Ataria Sharman talks to Hamish Petersen about their research on decolonial methodologies for Pākehā and Tauiwi arts workers in Aotearoa.



An unkempt vessel welcomes readers to Vessel.


Our Favourite Vessels

What do kids, an asthma inhaler, mugs, uku tangi and a keepsake box have in common?


Inhale | Exhale

Ataria Sharman, Editor of The Pantograph Punch asks where the joy is in the arts, and whether we’re off balance between the inhale and the exhale.


Māori Livestream Gamers

IceKuini with Oldman_shesus from Oldman Gaming, Kai_nine_ from Mahi Dogs and Akadjblaze aka DJ Blaze talk about livestream gaming.


Off the Beaten Track with Justice Hetaraka

Editor Ataria Sharman speaks with rangatahi Māori Justice Hetaraka on why it's important tamariki learn our history.


What’s Your Inhale | Exhale?

The PP whānau share moments of inhale and exhale.


Formless Potential

In welcoming readers to Te Kore Formless Potential, Ataria Sharman, Editor of The Pantograph Punch banishes the shadowy vestiges of ‘imposter syndrome’ and rediscovers her own formless potential.


Off the Beaten Track with Shelly Matiu

Editor Ataria Sharman catches up over kawhe in the workshop of repurposed-fashion artist Shelly Matiu, co-founder of Whangārei’s newest gallery of ‘upcycled’ works.


What’s Hot? Our Winter Picks

July & August highlights across visual arts, books and fashion, from the Pantograph Punch whānau of writers and editors.


Te Kore

We’re in a race to the finish line for Te Kore Formless Potential, launching on Monday 26 July - here’s a teaser of our upcoming content.



Pantograph Punch is over its cute phase. We're entering puberty. Our Editor Ataria Sharman shares an exciting new publishing model and what's next for the site.


Off the Beaten Track with Frances Stachl

Editor Ataria Sharman talks to contemporary jeweller Frances Stachl on jewellery as a holder of narratives, histories and spiritual protection.


2020 sucked but the art was beautiful

The PP crew give you 10 art moments that made 2020 suck a little bit less.


What's up with Housing?

For whānau living in cars, the arts sector may as well be on Mars. Ataria Sharman explains what is wrong with housing, and how this affects diversity and representation in our arts communities.


The PP Trash Pile: Our Favourite Bad TV

When the world is falling to pieces, sometimes you need to escape into something ridiculous. The Pantograph Punch team brings you our favourite bad TV.


Off The Beaten Track with Leonard Murupaenga

Whangārei artist Leonard Murupaenga has a kōrero with Kaupapa Māori Editor Ataria Sharman, on carving out an arts career.


The Brown Kid Who Can Do Anything

Ataria Sharman reviews Waiting, a play by Shadon Meredith and directed by Amelia Reid-Meredith, and chats to the theatre makers about vulnerability, whakapapa, and being parents.


What’s Hot? Our Spring Picks

August & September highlights across visual arts, books, music and fashion, from the Pantograph Punch team of writers and editors.


Off The Beaten Track with Tania Rule

Ataria Sharman, Kaupapa Māori Editor at Pantograph Punch, has a cuppa with Te Aupouri weaver Tania Rule.


The Pantograph Picks: NZIFF 2020

Our top picks from this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival programme, At Home – Online.


Black Authors: A Reading List

10 books we love by Black authors.


Wild Ride: A Review of the Wild Card by Renée

Kaupapa Māori Editor Ataria Sharman reviews Renée’s latest novel about child abuse in state care, The Wild Card


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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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